Wednesday, 22 June 2011

A Days Deliveries

Today - 22nd June 2011 - has been an interesting day for deliveries.

First I had a box from Gaugemaster (UK supplier) which had these Ratio parts in it:-

If you enlarge the picture you can see what has arrived. Sorry about the shiny worktop in the kitchen. I bought from Gaugemaster because they had everything I wanted in stock and if you chose the least quick form of postage then the postage was free. And as the box turned up in a couple of days it didn't bother me too much.

More importantly what also came was what is to me a rare Heljan kit. It came from Germany and took a while and certainly was not Freepost! Its this peculiar looking building here:-

Now I've never seen this kit before and the illustration is certainly made up from Evergreen and Tichy Train parts but the kit exists:-

The base, which probably will not get used.

These are the roofs and the various platforms - two sprues.

The buildings walls. This is one sprue but it's cut into two to fit the box.

These are the windows, in green, and the dark grey parts are loading platforms, roofs etc together with some essential parts found in the bottom of the box.

So here we have an N gauge building which has a HO size cyclone and each building seems to have a water barrel with no water feed. Anyway there is no knowing how this building will end up. I rather favour putting it in position 33 on the layout drawing in which case it will want/get some modification.

And talking of modification look what is happening to Heljans Superior Bakery. Ever so slightly re-built and its having a corrugated material extension added. With deepest respect to Art Curren whose book "Kitbashing HO Model Railroad Structures" is a constant source of inspiration.

This is the building that will go in position 34.

Happy Modelling,

Mike Beard.


  1. Mike:

    I've never seen that Heljan kit before. A very interesting one, indeed. I'm sure you're going to make a great model of it.


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    Mike Beard