Saturday, 30 July 2011

A Slight Hiccup in the System!

It's been a bad few days in the Beard household. I made the mistake of getting Pete the Plumber to fit a new outside tap and 4 shutoff valves in the lines that did not have one. You can turn them off and change a washer or a whole tap! Anyway one of them was not made properly and leaked - through the lightfitting in the Dining Room ceiling. Luckily I had a spare shutoff valve. And then there was the shed. I looked at it hard and noticed that the roof covering was getting ragged on the front so I had to clean off all the clematis from the roof and that revealed that it was life expired so then I looked at some of the woodwork and that was full of wet and dry rot so off it all came and then I saw that the edges of the roof itself were rotten so I've had a wonderful time renewing all that. All I'm waiting for now is the special paint which is £20/litre delivered. OK, that explains why its been quiet.

What have I been doing? Well, since we last spoke I have assembled 10 sets of Microtrains 1015 couplers in brown. Nice job. Does anybody know where I can buy the mounting screws in a shorter size? It would save filing the screw thread down when I've mounted the coupler and the screw pokes up through the walkway. I know this only applies to body mounted couplers on open ended cars and gondolas but it is important. I could always change the trucks I suppose. In which case I've enough couplers!!

A SW1200 arrived in the mail. Not a happy thing as its cab roof had fretted so a nibble had been taken off the overhang where the rear headlight should be but no longer is, in fact it is missing and the horn is missing. Now I'm hoping to replace both but now I must make it rule "Original Packing Only" when it comes to buying. Luckily Humbrol #3 is a good colour match for CNWR Green.

The Bachmann 2-8-0 has also arrived and that is magnicifent. It's a shame that its lettered for the Chesapeake and Ohio but still...........and it clears the revised sandhouse.

And finally I managed to do some work on the layout this evening. I've cut out and assembled the 10mm foamboard so it covers the baseboards.

The next thing is the actual planning followed by the drilling of big holes for the Tortoise actuators to come through the baseboard to. Should be fun.

Sorry there are no photos this time but sheds are boring just like plumbimg!

Happy Days,

Mike Beard.


  1. I've got several sizes of screws from various micro-trains packets. I'll measure them up and see if we can't find a source for the shorter ones...

  2. I cut the MTL screws short w dikes or wire cutters, and file the end in approx. conical shape. Not critical, but to allow it to settle into hole and start catching.

    Mike in San Pedro, CA