Thursday, 30 May 2013

Returning to the Project after a 2 year absence

So here we are some two years down the line. What went wrong you ask? Well, we had a chaotic house buying and moving experience which took nearly a year and for nearly the last year I have been sorting things out in the new house in Weston super Mare like kitchens, bathrooms, outside lighting etc. Only now can I begin to revisit Alderson. The time has been used to aquire some more rolling stock and track. I now have enough Atlas code 55 track and pointwork to allow me to build the layout which in itself is an achievement. I have deceided to make two new baseboards along the lines of the previous ones but have one 39 inches long and the other 48 inches. The 48 inch one will carry the turntable and engine facilities and the additional crossover. In addition I'm going to make the boards a shade wider at 12 inches as I want to switch the points/turnouts using manual slide switches at the baseboard side and there needs to be room for them. I'm also thinking about having some form of manual geared turning mechanism, Mechanno no doubt, for the turntable. As you can gather it's not exactly "Full Steam Ahead" but certainly it does look as if we are coming out of the siding onto the main line again. Hopefully more news soon!

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  1. Hello Mike (hope that's right).

    Welcome 'back' to the hobby. I don't know whether you've used Atlas C55 turnouts before, but I recommend that you do some preventive maintenance on them before you install them. I have about 50 on my layout, and I've had five of them fail in one way or another since I installed them. In most cases it was the built-in power jumpers that lost connectivity, and I had to pull the turnout out and rewire it. Now I add my own jumpers before installing the turnout:

    I'm also keen to see what you do with your Peco turntable to power it, and then 'Americanize' it. I have one of those myself, but haven't yet tackled those issues.